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The Vampire Diaries is also big in the UK as a major ITV2 television series. This is for all the UK fans. The Vampire Diaries books are also big in the UK and are still best sellers. This is for people in the UK who don't want to here spoilers from America and they can discuss episodes without spoilers.

The Vampire Diaries Gang

The last episode was the season finale 'As I Lay Dying' where we saw Damon go mad when his past mixed with his present and his love for Elena mixed with he confusion for Katherine. We saw Damon on his death bed and Stefan went to Klaus for the cure. Jeremy was shot by Carolines mother when she was after Damon and Alaric helped Bonnie take him to the spot of the dead witches to bring him back but the witches promised there would be consiquenses. When Stefan went to Klaus, Klaus killed Elijah and got Stefan to feed of human blood other wise he would not give him the cure. Elena was looking after Damon and she was so scared that he would die she kissed him to say goodbye and Katherine caught them in the act and gave the cure to Damon. Stefan has killed a human and Jeremy has saw his two ex vampire girlfriends Vickie and Anna is this the consequence? We will have to wait and see.

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