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Katherine Peirce
The Vampire Diaries: The Petrova'sAuthor: Tivaluv
Date:Thursday, 6th January 2011
Current location: Australia
Rated (G, PG-13, R): (M)
Genre: Supernatural & Romance
Synopsis: Katherine is free from yet another imprisonment, all thanks to Damon.
And creates a whole lot mischief & mayhem where ever she goes, which Elena,
Damon, Stefan, Bonnie and Caroline must stop. But when two long lost people from
Katherine’s past turns up, Mystic Falls will turn upside down.
Chapter 1: Blood Stream.

Damon hadn’t left the house in days, or even bothered to drink blood.
Just sitting in his room, watching thing the rain poor down the old window, reading his diaries he’d kept since 1864, he’s memory’s of Katherine. She’d escaped, for the second time, which again he blamed on himself. Seeing Elena with Stefan didn’t help either, watching them kiss, hugging, just watching them being together was enough to send Damon insane. Usually this wouldn’t happen, but ever since Katherine spoke to him before she left, he remembered the unbearable feeling of having Katherine gone, his angel, his only love, the one that never really loved him at all, the *****.
No matter how hard he tried to hate her, for all the things she did to him, Stefan and Elena, the thought of her made him melt. Her long dark brown wavy hair, her soft white skin, her perfect pink lips, and her sweet blood.
He was weak, tired and frustrated. Stefan left a glass of blood next to his bed, just in case he changed his mind. But no, he would constantly refuse. But if Elena bothered brought to come visit him, now maybe that would be a different story. Obviously, Stefan would refuse to let her up, just in case Damon might try something.
Mean while... Keri, Katherine’s younger sister, rudely woke to find her looking down at her, Katherine seemed very content. She noticed she was still in her dress from when she was last conscious, in a brown Victorian styled room.
“Morning sunshine” Katherine sarcastically said, passing her a glass of blood, which she bitterly rejected.
Keri was less than impressed. “What the hell....?” Keri asked wiping her eyes; it had not completely sunk in that Katherine, whom she had not seen in 50 years, was sitting beside her. “Wasn’t I...?” Katherine winked at her sister then chuckled, “Yes, the tomb, I almost forgot” Keri wasn’t in the mood for talking, but there questions needed to be addressed.... lots and lots of questions.
“What year is it......?”
Keri let out a smirk, then started to chuckle.
“50 years later you decide you bring me out? You told me this time round I was in there for good” Katherine drunk the blood, “I missed my sister” Keri raised her eye brow, grabbed to glass from Katherine’s hand, and sculled it down. “Yeah right” Keri replied, immediately after she swallowed.
Elena and Stefan were sitting on Elena’s porch; she had her head on his lap, lying down along the wooden seat hanging from the porch roof. Stefan was running his fingers through her hair. Watching the rain fall, Jenna had just left with Jeremy for lunch down at the grill. Stefan looked down into her eyes, watching her smile “Didn’t you say gazing was creepy?” Elena asked, Stefan just laughed. “Not anymore” He leaned down to kiss her.
Stefan thought, as Elena pulled out of the kiss.
This isn’t right....
Elena sat up, turned her head and sighed. “I’m sorry, It’s just.....Katherine” Elena struggled to find the right words. Stefan sighed as slowly turned Elena’s face to his, he didn’t say anything. “Stefan, she could be anywhere, she could be watching us right now”
Stefan understood, they hadn’t heard from Katherine since she managed to make Damon set her free again. “I don’t want to lose you again” She added. “Damon should have staked her, I told him it was a bad idea to keep her alive” He replied dryly. “It’s not his fault, it’s no one’s fault” Elena looked at the direction of the door. “Well, except for Katherine” Elena smirked. Stefan sighed as he fiddled with his ring. But Elena couldn’t off been more right.
Katherine, who was hiding in one on the top branch of the oaks outside the house, watched on, loathing Elena with being Stefan, being able to kiss him, just being around him. She wanted to kill Elena, not turn, but get rid of her for good and have Stefan all to herself. But Katherine had to remember that Elena was the doppelganger that needed to be protected. Though this thought made Katherine cringe. She was still devising a plan to break them up, but how? What could separate this Romeo and Juliet?
Wait... not Romeo and Juliet, everyone died in that story....
How about.....The unbreakable bond of this Vampire and mortal?
Now that’s better!
But the noise of the other 2 arriving home distracted her, so she leaped from the tree, got into her car, and drove. Katherine had thought of her plan. Knowing the mess Damon was in; she arrived at the boarding house. Damon’s room had diaries lying everywhere, he was lying down on the bed breathing heavily, also a large fist shape hole into the wall. Katherine leapt onto his window sill, to searching for Damon. “Damon?” She called slowly making her way into the room, Damon’s ears jerked. “Elena?” Katherine chuckled as she lied beside him, and turned her head. “Guess again”. Damon slowly turned his head, and looked into her eyes. “Very brave of you too come here” Damon murmured as he got of the bed, he grabbed the glass of the side table, which he drunk as he walked to the window. “I’ve driven you too drink, have I?” Katherine laughed as she sat up. Damon gave a sarcastic chuckle as he looked out the window, “All this mess? I’m guessing it’s my fault” Katherine asked curling her long wavy dark brown hair around her finger. “You do have that effect on people”
Damon added. “Ouch” Katherine replied, as she smiled.
“Damon?” Stefan called as he and Elena walked through the front door. Immediately, Katherine vanished, Damon closed his eyes.
“What?!” He called in frustration.
Stefan shook his head. Elena was worried about Damon, and Stefan wouldn’t let her him near her, so she had to do something. “Uh, I’m gunna put my bag up in your room. I shouldn’t be too long” Stefan turned to her, “Alright”.
She quickly climbed the old wooden stairs to Stefan’s room, threw the bag on the bed and turned for Damon’s room. Slowly, she reached for the door handle, turned and pulled it open.
“Katherine?” Damon blankly asked. “No, it’s me, Elena”. Damon turned to her. “Katherine’s gone Damon”. “Elena, she’s’..... Never mind”. “Damon, What? Are you okay?” She asked as she walked to the bed. Damon looked up at her “Never mind” he replied, with the slightest expression of his face. Elena bit her lip as she sat next to him; they both looked into each other’s eyes. “Seriously Damon, are you okay?” Elena asked.
There goes the goes the nice atmosphere.... Damon thought sarcastically.
Elena put her hand on his shoulder; Damon turned his head to look at it. Elena could see the pain in his eyes; this wasn’t the Damon she knew. Katherine must have done something to him before she left. He wanted to tell her everything, he trusted her, but he couldn’t, there was something stopping him. “Elena? Are you alright up there?” Stefan called from the stair case. “Uh, I’ve lost my phone” Damon was slightly amused at her attempt to fool his brother, “Uh alright” Stefan called back.
Wow, it worked....Damon thought.
“Stay down there, it’s probably right under my nose”.
Elena looked at Damon. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Damon pulled a fake smile, not daring to speak. Elena was hoping for real one, but it would do. Elena gave a sympathetic smile as she left, Damon hated it when he was given sympathy, but when it came to Elena, I didn’t matter. Elena left the room, and quickly ran down the stairs.
“Found it?” Asked Stefan as he poured Elena some water. “I’m worried about Damon” Elena replied under her breath “Maybe you should go talk to him”.
Keri walked around the room, struggling to open the door handle Katherine jammed.
“Damn it!” Keri yelled pushing all her weight against the door. “Damn it Katherine!”
“Looking for me?” Replied Katherine, in her normal naive way, with her arms crossed leaning against the wall. Keri immediately turned around, and narrowed her dark brown eyes at her sister. “What the hell do you want from me? You starve me, lock me in a room? Why now?!” Keri yelled. “You’ve been locked and starved for a tomb for 146 years, then recently another 50. You should be able to survive a few hours” Katherine replied.
“I was unconscious the whole time!”
“Now there’s an idea”
“You’re unbelievable!”
“Oh, I know”


Chapter 2: Sisterhood.

Keri grabbed hold of a large lamp on the mantel piece, aimed it and dashed for Katherine
who grabbed her shoulder, twisted it, and pushed her into the floor.
“Crap! Katherine!” Keri yelled.
She struggled to get out of Katherine’s super strong grip.
“Don’t ever try that again” Katherine Coldly replied.
Keri didn’t reply, Katherine abruptly let go of her. She flashed to the other side of the room, fiddled with the door handle and snapped it off. Keri slowly got off the floor, and dusted off her black floral knee length dress, she looked up to see her sister gone, with the door wide open.
Jeremy brought his bag to his room, while Jenna parked the car. He picked up his father’s journal and flicked through the pages. The last few days had been pretty intense for Jeremy & everything about the original vampires was too confusing for his liking. When there was a knock at the door.
“Hey Bonnie” Said Jenna opening the door. “Hello Jenna, is Jeremy home?”
Jenna looked confused, but stepped away from the door to let Bonnie in.
“Yeah...sure, he’s upstairs. We just came back from the Grill”
Bonnie smiled and quickly ran through the door way and up the stairs to Jeremy’s room, avoiding a awkward situation.
“Bonnie, hey” Jeremy grinned; he pushed back the chair in and stood at the door. Bonnie hurried into the room, and sat on Jeremy’s large navy blue bed, she looked very worried. She quickly searched through her bag.
“Hey, what’s the matter?”
Bonnie continued scavenging.
“Slow down Bonnie”
She pulled out a large black digital camera, turned in one, and clicked a few buttons till she found a certain picture, then passed it too Jeremy. Jeremy squinted as he looked as zoomed in.
“What am I looking at?” He asked “It’s Elena at the shop, I don’t get it”
“Look closer”
Jeremy pulled the camera closer to his face. Closing one eye.
“Look at her hand” Bonnie insisted. Still zooming further, Jeremy looked eagerly down at the white slender hand resting on car bonnet.
“The ring? It’s....”
“It’s....” Bonnie insisted, encouraging him to keep thinking.
“Oh god.... She got out?!”
Jeremy loudly replied infuriated. Bonnie quickly put her hand over Jeremy’s mouth.
“Not so loud!” She whispered.

Keri needed to leave, and find somewhere to stay. The rest of the Vampires where dead, all thanks to Katherine so there was no was nowhere to go.
First things first. She couldn’t walk around the 21st century with her 18th century dress.
But if she was alive in the 60’s, how did she get in this?
Searching through the drawers, she realised Katherine had been staying at this place for a while.
She randomly pulled out a black shirt, Blue/grey Hurley jumper, and tight dark blue jeans. After examining the new fashion, she got ready.
“I guess it’ll do....”
Next, hurrying into the bath room. A brown comb rested next to a box filled with hair elastics.
She pulled her Ash Blonde hair into a ponytail, and bobby pinned it all into place.
Minutes later, she left. There was a slim chance that Either Stefan or Damon had come back to the boarding house. Someone ells could live there now.
But who cares? She’ll just have to live in the attic and be a squatter, just like normal.
After 50 years allot in Mystic Falls had changed, especially the clothes. Keri walked through the town, then past the hall. The high school and the supermarket.
Mystic Falls it’s...... different. In a good way. She though, walking down a small alley way behind the hair dressers until she reached the woods, knowing up through was the road which lead to what was left of the Salvatore Manor, which was in near complete ruins last time she went there.
She remembered when Katherine turned her, and she met the other vampires here in the woods. They didn’t believe they were related as she looked nothing like Katherine.
Except for her dark brown/black mysterious eyes. She turned and continued heading for the boarding house.
Damon gave up.
He knew this was a waste of time, Katherine wanted this, she wanted him to be sad and depressed and loose his sense of ‘Damon’.
“You’ve turned into a idiot” He told himself picking up his mess.
Elena heard Damon from the kitchen, she sighed as she turned to Stefan. She was sitting on a black egg shape swivel chair with a ‘Worlds best neighbour’ mug of strong coffee, which was pretty ironic.
“Since when has this chair been here? Doesn’t exactly go with all the other furniture” Elena asked lowering the mug back on the table.
“Does look a bit awkward” Stefan chuckled, while he washed up her mug. “It was sent to the wrong address”
“why didn’t you send it back?”
“I did”
“But you....”
“Fake address”
“Yeah I know”
All of the sudden, Elena’s phone rang.
Elena left the room to answer it, while Damon came down the stairs.
Stefan looked up at his brother, and gave a half smile. Damon sat on the chair next Elena’s, and looked at Stefan.
“Laugh all you want”
“Why should I be laughing?”
“Katherine got to me, the one that was completely sure this would never happen” Damon snarled.
“Where is Elena?”
“She on phone, talking to Jeremy. Didn’t sound very happy”
“Is he ever....” Damon smirked. He got of his chair, and told Stefan he was going for a walk through the woods. Maybe the fresh air would relieve his mind.
Keri continued walking up the road, watching the cars full of blood-plenty humans pass by, she was hungry.... very, very hungry.
Too late,
her eyes became darker, and the veins around them where black and visible. Her fangs started to come out, and her hearing became much shaper, hearing voices of humans around the area.
“****!” cursed Keri as she ran into the woods, searching for a meal. Anything would do. After walking through tall wet grass, passing hundreds of year old tree’s, she found a rabbit.
“You’re kidding.....”
Obviously that wasn’t enough, so she carried on.
About half an hour later, she reached the end of the forest, failing to find food. She was confused about the lack of animals she could feed on. Maybe there were vampires back in Mystic falls apart from Katherine.... where ever she is.....
Out of the blue, she saw him.
“Damon Salvatore?” She whispered to herself. By now Keri was running down the hill as fast as she could.
Damon looked up to see the girl at the top of the hill running down towards him.
“Keri Peirce?” Damon called out.


More Coming Soon! Please do review it (: -Christin.

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