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Episode: 11
First aired: January 21st, 2010
Season: One Prod. code: 110
Writer(s): Kevin Williamsom & Julie Plec with a story by Sean Reycraft
Director(s): Dave Barrett
Guest star(s): Gina Torres (Bree), Jasmine Guy (Gram), and Malese Jow (Anna)

Mini-synopsis: Elena is trapped in her overturned car after the wreck and sees a figure coming for her. She screams, and Damon appears in her side window. He releases her from the car and she cries "I look like her." He is surprisingsly tender with her and begins to carry her away from the wreck. Later she wakes in his car and they are driving down the road. He tells her they are on their way to Georgia, despite her protests. Elena questions him about the man she hit who was able to get up off the ground. Damon doesn't know him but wants to find out what he was. Since her necklace is now with Stefan, she asks Damon if he will promise not the use mind control on her and he says he won't. They arrive at a bar and the owner, Bree, is so happy to see Damon that she kisses them. Bree refers to him as her honey pie, and tells Elena that Stefan stole her heart away 20 years ago.

Alaric is writing a letter, probably to his wife, about finding a vampire (Logan) and killing it. He says he was right about Mystic Falls and that he can feel that there's something different here. Later, at school, Jeremy tells Alaric that he'll be writing his paper on his ancestors who were one of the founding families of Mystic Falls. Alaric seems very interested in the topic, and also find the ring he was looking for in his car - is it a vampire ring? If so, is it a trophy or is it something to protect him from the sun?

Stefan goes to Bonnie for help. She's reluctant because she knows the truth about Damon, but wants to help find Elena. Bonnie tries to use a necklace to connect with Elena, but it doesn't work. She heads straight to her grandmother's house for help. Grams tells her that her fear over something is keeping her powers away - she wants to know what it is, but Bonnie promised she wouldn't tell.

Damon is asking for Bree's help in getting into Katherine's tomb. Bree explains that Emily's spell over the tomb is absolute. Without Emily's crystal (n), they will never be able to access it. Meanwhile, Bonnie is in the forest trying to use her powers. She's unsuccessful and hears something in the forest, then she drops into a pit in the ground. Elena receives a call from Stefan, but she hangs up on him. Once Damon leaves, Bree calls someone and tells them that Damon was just there. Who was it? Damon and Elena return to the bar after Damon checks to see if Elena is alright. Elena wonders if she was related to Katherine, and Damon says it's only possible if Katherine had a child before turning.

Down in the pit, Bonnie is alone and scared. She uses the light of the her cell phone to explore the pit. Stefan visits Gram's house to see where Bonnie is. Gram indicates she knows what Stefan is and says that Bonnie has left, but she trusts Stefan to take care of her.

At the library, Jeremy is researching and runs into a clumsy girl named Anna. She helps him find some books, since she studies at the library and knows it well. He shares that he's doing a paper on the origins of local myth. "You mean vampires?" she asks. She says that there have been stories of vampires for years, and he argues that the vampires were an allegory for union soldiers. They seem to hit it off. She says that her ancestors also had a journal that mentions vampires.

Stefan finds Bonnie and flies her up to the top. She shares that she heard the vampires behind the door of the tomb, but Stefan assures her that they are safe from them since Emily had her destroy the crystal. Back at the bar, Elena and Damon are drinking and a stranger arrives that Bree silently acknowledges. Anna and Jeremy go out and discuss the coincidence over foosball. She asks him out and he says that it would be fun...as friends. He doesn't want to get hurt again.

Elena goes outside of the bar to answer Aunt Jenna's call and is grabbed from behind. Inside the bar, Damon realizes Elena is missing and goes to look for her. Outside he is knocked down as Elena looks on. Another vampire covers Damon in gasoline and beating him. It's Lexi's boyfriend, who had been human before. She turned him before she died. Elena begs for Damon's life and tells him how good of a person Lexi was. Finally, he relents but says he didn't stop for Elena. He goes off into the night and Elena goes to see to Damon, who is badly injured from the beating.

Stefan goes to drop off Bonnie and he and Gram talk while Bonnie goes inside. Stefan shares that he remembers Grams from the 60s, and she remembers him from then as well. He calls her by her name, Sheila. She warns that although her family has kept the secret for so long their loyalty only goes so far. If the town finds out who he is, she has to protect her own. Stefan promises he won't break her trust and thanks her.

Damon goes back inside of the empty bar to confront Bree. She warns him that she's full of Vervain and drinks it in anything. She says that Lexi was her friend but when he threatens her she tells him that Emily's spell could be reversed if Damon had Emily's spellbook. If he knew how the spell was made, he could have someone reverse it. He kills her before leaving by grabbing her heart from her chest.

When they arrive home, Elena confronts Stefan. Stefan explains that he's not trying to replace Katherine, he knew she was different from Katherine before they even met. He explains that he was near the bridge the day that her parent's car crashed. He saw the crash, went to the site and tried to save her dad who was still conscious...but he wouldn't accept Stefan's help until Stefan got Elena from the car. Elena said that when she woke up in the hospital, they couldn't figure out how she'd survived. They called it a miracle, but it had been Stefan. Stefan says he watched her for months to determine if she was Katherine and saw she was nothing like her. But once he found that out, he couldn't leave. He wanted to know her. And he had wanted to tell her all this once they met, but she was so sad about her parents he couldn't bring it up. Elena questions Stefan about her resemblance to Katherine Pierce. He looked back through their family history...and Elena was adopted. He requisitioned her birth certificate and although it says she was born in Mystic Falls, her mother was never admitted. He couldn't go any further without breaking into the Pierce family history, which would raise suspicions.

Anna and Jeremy are back at the library and she presents proof of vampires to him. As far back as 1942, a string of animal attacks happening every few years. All the bodies were drained of blood. Back at home, Elena arrives and Jenna is upset that she was gone overnight. She asks if she was adopted and Jenna confirms what Stefan told her.

At the Mystic Falls Bar and Grill Alaric is working at the bar and Damon comes to sit down the bar. Alaric flashes back to a memory of his wife. He remembers seeing Damon feasting on her has he came home one night. He puts his drink down and his hand, with the mysterious ring on it, begins to shake.

Jeremy and Anna in Bloodlines

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Gina Torres as Bree in Bloodlines
Damon consults his old flame Bree.

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Played by: Gina Torres
Relationship(s): Damon's ex-girlfriend
Occupation: Bar owner
Backstory: Meet Damon as a college freshman. Damon got Bree to help him figure out how to free Katherine.

Played by: Malese Jow
Relationship(s): Part of a group of vampire's trying to open Katherine's tomb.
Backstory: Told Jeremy she was a highschool student being home schooled.

Lexi's boyfriend

Played by: Brandon Quinn
Relationship(s): Lexi's boyfriend who wanted revenge on Damon for killing Lexix
Backstory: Was human but wanted to spend eternity with Lexi, so he had Lexi turn him into a vampire. Bree called him when Damon showed up at her bar.

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  • How is Elena related to Katherine?
  • Who has Emily's spell book and will Damon be able to get it?
  • Is Alaric going to go after Damon?
  • Will Jeremy start to believe in vampires with Anna's help?


  • Damon is still trying to free Katherine...and was actually nice to Elena.
  • Elena saved Damon from Lexi's boyfriend.
  • Stefan had been at the accident that killed Elena's parents and Elena's father made Stefan save Elena first.
  • Elena is adopted...therefore she may be related to Katherine.
  • Damon killed Alaric's wife.


  • Mia Kirshner, who played Alaric's wife, was in the short lived series Wolf Lake with Paul Wesley (Stefan). In the series they were both werewolves.



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love damon:x elena should be with him....while i was watching this episode i was thinking..."maybe stefan should die and let elena be with damon:x"....obviously i dont want stefan to die...but it would be an idea...a different one from the book as we see that they have changed the story a lot....
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Hi there,
Man is the wait killing anyone else? Anyway I know you all have got your speculations going, would love to hear them. You know I wasn't a fan of Tyler but after seeing what his dad is like, I'm hoping we get to see more of him. Tyler as a werewolf, yup I'm liking that theory! Loved Oz in Buffy. Hope we get more insight to Jeremy and Elena's backgrounds. Jeremy as slayer would be awesome. Well I will shut up and wait impatiently for all your thoughts;)
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