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It has been confirmed that the first episode of season 2 is called the return. Katherine is back and more meen. Stefan and damon are gonna change there act because of katherine. Damon is going to become more kind ans stefan, well. He will pick up katherine killer act. As for tyler he will find out what he is and a new lockwood figure is apearing. Bonnie meets katherine and katherine thretens her. Matt and stefan become close friends. Katherine reviels to damon that she has never loved him and that she wants stefan. When stefan rejects katherine she stabs him. What's going to happen, will stefan give into katherine love and elena be history. What's gonna happen watch season 2 on the 9th september. Bye Bye. See you next time for the next vampire diaries news update.

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a major death? what will happen? will rose die??????????????
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When is the season finale?
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