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Even in a town as ravaged by terror as Mystic Falls, people still have room in their lives for love. Here are the major relationships and minor hook-ups of The Vampire Diaries.

Major Relationships
Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore
how they met: school (He actually saved her from the creek)
rating: 9/10
best couple moment: When Elena told him that she didn't care what he was, and that she loved HIM, not Damon.
status: They have totally fallen for each other and are going really steady!!!!! But now, they are going through the struggle of Stefan's envy of the connection between his brother and Elena, and Elena is still reeling from when Stefan lost control and became bloodthirsty, out of control kind of bloodthirsty... for human blood. They are getting over their rifts, but they aren't done yet.

how they met in stefans house
best couple moment : When she didn't have her ring on and he told her that he loved her and then made her forget because she was Stefan's.

status:They have a connection, and both of the two know it. Elena is inevitably attracted to him, but afraid of falling into the same situation Katherine did. Damon finds himself actually caring for someone deeply after a long time, and she becomes his greatest strength and his greatest weakness. He loves her and would love to make her his princess of darkness, but she isn't ready, because she still loves Stefan. Although sometimes he'd like to, he knows he could never intentionally hurt her. They are not a couple, although their connection is very strong. You can tell they have a very close connection. Throughout seasons three and four she has begun to fall for him without realizing at first,because of Stefan's leaving.

Minor Relationships

Couple Names

Couple Stats

Damon and Caroline

Damon and Caroline

How they met: At the Mystic Grill

Compatibility rating: 3/10

Best Couple Moments: Caroline finally getting Damon out of her life!

Relationship Status: over: He never really cared for her any more than caring for a friend of Elena's. He is in love with Elena, and she was torn between Tyler and Matt during their relationship.

Jenna and Alaric
Alaric and Jenna
How they met : Jeremy introduced the two at the Mystic Grill

Compatability rating: 8/10
Best Couple Moments : Alaric and Jenna go to the flashback dance

Relationship Status: They probably would still be together if it weren't for her tragic death in season 2.

Matt and Caroline

Matt and Caroline
How they met: Childhood Friends

Compatibility rating: 6/10

Best Couple Moments: After the Flashback dance when he kisses her.

Relationship Status:They were a good couple while they lasted and they will always be friends, but she loved Tyler more.
Bonnie and Jeremy
Mystic Falls Love Connections - The Vampire Diaries
how they met: Bonnie is Elena's best friend, and Jeremy is Elena's brother. They have known each other for years.

compatibility rate : 9/10

best couple moment :
When she saves his life all those times.

status: They broke up, because she found out he kissed Anna, but there are unresolved feelings there.
Caroline and Tyler
Caroline and Tyler
how the met: They have known each other their entire lives, and dated his best friend Matt.

compatibility rate:10/10

best couple moment: When she would not leave his side when he was changing for the first time even though he could go wolf crazy any second and try to kill her because she is a vampire, and werewolf bites are rumored to kill vampires.

status: They're in love, but he's kinda dead. So..

Jeremy and Vicki
Jeremy and Vicki

How they met : Through their older siblings, Elena and Matt who were dating.

Compatibility Rating: 6.5 /10

Best Couple Moments : After the Founders Ball, when Vicki left Tyler and came to the Gilbert's house and kissed Jeremy.

Reltaionship Status: Vicki has died, and Jeremy has moved on. Jeremy was dating Anna, but she died, and now he likes Bonnie.

Tyler and VickiTyler & Vicki

Tyler and Vicki

How they met : Through school.

Compatibility Rating : 4/10 He treated her like crap.

Best Couple Moment : After she died, when Tyler admitted how much she really meant to him.

Relationship Status : Over. 1. Because she is dead. 2. Because she chose Jeremy over him. he is now "dating" caroline

Jenna and Logan

Logan FellJenna
How They Met : High School
Compatibility Rating : 2/10 He had left her earlier on and was trying to worm his way back into her life.

Best Couple Moment : When he got out of her life!

Relationship Status : They're both dead.

Anna and Jeremy
Jeremy and Anna in Bloodlines
Met: Library
Compatibility Raiting:8/10

Best Couple Moment: When she told him he was her weakness.

Relationship Status: Over :( Because she's dead and now he is trying to get with bonnie.)
Klaus and Caroline. Met : He terrorized her friends and had a weird obsession with her from the start.

Compatibility Rating : 9/10

Best Couple Moment : When he takes her to the dance.

Status: Only time will tell.

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