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What is it you need me to forget Damon? And why...why does it feel like my heart is breaking?

You just need to hear the truth for the first and last time...

I just had to let you know but I couldn't let you remember

I closed my eyes and felt what I'd lost, Damon

Because now I knew; he loved me. And he was letting me be free

I won’t hurt Stefan and I don’t want to hurt you. I won’t be your Katherine

She was my weakness. She was my humanity

My hands clutched the vervian necklace tightly as I looked deep into Elena's eyes, speaking the four most selfish words I have ever said to anyone “I love you, Elena”

Why should I, a self serving psychopath with no redeeming qualities, get a girl who is pure as the snow that hits the ground? She doesn't need to feel sorry for me, she doesn't need to clean up after me, and she definitely does not need to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart

Why had he made me forget? I wanted to know. I wanted to know why my heart was suddenly breaking

There was nothing I could offer to Elena except for the shattered pieces of my heart

I didn't regret a single word. All of it was true. I spilled the contents of my shattered heart to her and she heard the words. That's all I needed

I think when my heart stopped beating so did my love for her

My lips only planted themselves on her forehead and I held them there, unwilling to let go of that moment in time

I compelled her to forget all that I said as a single tear fell from my eye, the pain of losing Elena in my heart proving to be more than I could hold in

She was my weakness, the key to unlocking my humanity and the good that was once there. And here I was, about to make the biggest mistake of my life

It kill me, having to confess my love to her and take it away just like that; it kills me to know that she will get back with Stefan.

But most of all, it kills me that she will never know how much I love her

She was speechless. I had bared my soul. For the first time, in the purest form possible

I was going to stick to my promise with her: I wouldn't be selfish with her

I wanted her to know how I felt completely without holding back, because she was the one and she always will be

She is the only woman who has ever truly taken hold of my heart. And she doesn't even know it

It was suddenly easier to remember why I stopped caring a long time ago

I could see his pupil’s contract, I could feel the power of his compulsion attempting to erase this moment from my memory, but what I most noticed was a single tear rolling ever so slowly down his cheek

I wanted Elena to love me back more than I wanted anything in this pathetic world. But I was certain that would never happen, but I didn't care. I would still love her no matter what. And I would also protect her from whatever harm came her way

I wanted her to be happy more than I wanted my own happiness

When you said you where letting me go my heart broke

All the thing that I had told Elena, all the movements of my heart, had fallen on the deaf ears of a heartless vampire

Yes, I would always be the person in the background the one with a broken heart that may never be fixed

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