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There are 1000 reasons why VAMPIRE DIARIES ia way too far from twilight..the casts itself is a storng proof..i mean all of them are sizzling hot (specially Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley)..c'mon every woman dreams of a man as hot as them..even if im at work i make sure that every minute i will have a glimpse at DAMON..i want him so soo BAD!!!! 2 thumbs up for all the cast..100 Reasons The Vampire Diaries is Better Than Twilight - The Vampire Diaries
Why the vampire diaries is 100% better than twilight: DAMON is not in it and in the show there is more action and is more exciting than twilight also there r witches in the show and there is more passion in the show than in the twilight movie
babybott330 Bonnie Why The Vampire Diaries is different than Twilight: There's always something evil going down in Fells Church (Mystic Falls), and Elena's always ready to save the day!
VampireMama Stefan Why The Vampire Diaries is better than Twilight: You never know which Damon you are going to get, the "good" Damon or the "bad" Damon!
SharathvFavorite Stefan Why The Vampire Diaries is better than Twilight: Vampires don't sparkle. Plane and simple.
AliceCullen Bonnie Why The Vampire Diaries is better than Twilight: Sharathv...Um vampires do sparkle, apparently. But that's not what I'm here to say. I like Twilight more, but I like Vampire Diaries because Bonnie is awesome.
Bangelfreak Stefan or Elena Why Vampire Diaries is better than Twilight: 1. I'm with Alice Cullen on this...some vamps do sparkle but anyhoo I like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Twilight and Vampire Diaries but I guess that Vampire Diaries is great because of the character depth and I love the relationship between Stefan and Elena and the plot I mean exactly like babybott up at the top said there is always something evil going down in fells church (Mystic Falls).
Bangelfreak Stefan or Elena Why Vampire Diaries is better than Twilight: Stefan! Stefan! Stefan!
sterling95 Stefan Why Vampire Diaries is better than Twilight: There is more action going on and more to look forward too.
birthdaygirl420 Elena Why Vampire Diaries is better than Twilight: I love them both equally but I think Vampire Diaries is more tragic which is on my top five to make a great story or a great story into a movie/show. 1. vampires 2. love 3. tragedy 4. hate 5. hot guys (werewolves included) one more thing if you haven't read the book of twilight 100 times better than the movie.
YaoilLovesSasuNaru Damon Why Vampire Diaries is better than Twilight: Damon is 15 billion time hotter than Edward, in every single way possible.
JeremyGlover1988 Jeremy Gilbert and Stefan Why Vampire Diaries is better that Twilight: I think that Vampires deserve fangs and they don't sparkle, I have read The Vampire Diaries and Twilight and I just think that VD is a better read. The author know what she is talking about which you can't say the same for Meyer. And I can't forget Elena's brother he is so cute. Stefan is much hotter tan Robert Pattinson.
SmartyPie Damon! =) Why Vampire Diaries is better than Twilight: There is NO DAMON in twilight...plain and simple...Damon isn't ashamed of what he is also the tv show is way better than the Twilight movie =)
Elizabeth 11 Damon I love vampire diaries as much as i love twilight, and I really, really love Edward, but i have to agree, there is no Damon in twilight and Damon is just...... well lets just say he makes everything perfect.
Besides, Ian (Damon) is way much more hotter than Robert(Edward)
shadowriver Lexi (TV series)
Salvatore Brothers
Vampire Diaries is more realistic. It reminds you more of like, Anne Rice, the realistic and real version (if you will) that you'd see. Twilight, I mean, come on, its like mermaids that are hard and drink blood!
BloodRose Damon :o I think that the vampire diaries is better than Twiliaght because in the diaries it keeps you gussing untill the end. In Twilight just keeps going on the same story untill the end. Plus Twilight doesn't have Damon. Period.
secretlovebox Bonnie I agree with BloodRose. DAMON PERIOD!!!!
webkinzrule11 Katherine, Anna, Bonnie, Elena, or Damon To quote Caroline and Damon in an episode

Caroline: how come you don't sparkle?
Damon: Because I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun.

That is SO true! Real vampires DON'T sparkle! I liked twilight when I was younger, but that was then. This is now. Vampire Diaries rock harder then twilight ever did! Bella and Edward sucked and I hated them, but Stefan, Damon, Elena, Bonnie, Anna, Jeremy, Matt, Ben, Jenna and Katherine rock!!!
PernilleKjrs Screw Edward Cullen, I want Stefan! (and Damon!) Well I agree with most of you that The Vampire Diaries is way better than Twilight and that TVD has much more excitement to it but I disagree with the fact that some of you say that vampires do not sparkle. Vampires are legendary figures and part of myths and that means that you can make up any kind of vampire you want to, nobody knows how they actually look and even though I am a fan of Anne Rice's vampires, her vampires are not the 'real' or the first vampires in the world to be written about, I believe that would be Nosferatu! :)
jules-edwin love Stefan True that TVD way better is than the Twilight,cause there's is a love and hate relationship between the two brothers.You also don't know what's coming up next,each episode is diffrent,don't know what to expect from Damon.He's changing his mood.Whether is good or bad and Stefan is always there to protect his girl.THe good,sensitive,caring and loving boyfriend.
Damonsgirl900 sparkling vampires? really!?? i seriously think that vampirres shouldnt sparkle!i mean come on! how indimiadting is this -edward steps into teh clearing *sparkle sparkle* ewwwww! vampire diaires is wayyyy better! plus no one sparkles or drinks animal blood (opps sorry stefan! =(
twilight-fails Klaus and Damon :D The Vampire Diaries is better because it appeals to all audiances. Where as stupid Twilight can only interest little girl who've just found out about sex, and are all "OMG HE'S HOT CUZ HE HAZ ABBBZZZ" Seriously wtf? It is also more interesting and has more developed characters the characters in twilight are all too perfect!
Bangelfreak Damon and Elena Wow! Have I changed since I last posted on here.. I am now team Damon! :) This series is so much more interwoven and complex and I have grown to love the characters more and more!
CrazyLittlPanda Katherine, Damon and Caroline The story doesn't just revolves around two or three characters, but involves the whole town, the storylines are way more intersting both in the books and in the show, and Elena's character is more likeable than Bella. Also I think the TVD Cast is more attractive and talented than the Twilight cast, and for god's sake VAMPIRES DON'T FREAKING SPARKLE!!

100 Reasons The Vampire Diaries is Better Than Twilight - The Vampire Diaries
100 Reasons The Vampire Diaries is Better Than Twilight - The Vampire Diaries

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