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Slogan: " Damon don't! I care about you, Damon I care about you! "
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 - The Vampire DiariesSarah Elizabeth Somerhalder .... <3
This is me... Ya I look old.. but nah. lol this is me :) yaa dnt say anything :) I look ugly! Ya, i look old for my age... talk about my mother's side of the family? lol

This is me and my best friend Diana.. She's 16. :0
home - The Vampire Diaries

home - The Vampire Diaries

* Should I make a TVD website soon? If so, message me and if you want me too! Ill sure be making it on wetpaint :]


Wanna view the pages I made? Well view them!

Ill be making more, but they have to be good! xx


home - The Vampire Diaries
Hey!! I'm Sarah Elizabeth! I am 14 years old and I am
Currently living in Chicago IL USA. I was born in
Strasbourg France and moved to America not so long ago.
I adore Ian Somerhalder... He is my husband.... my sex
If you wanna get too know me, please message me or
talk to me at the links in the bottom!

Youtube: dearSarahe

Twitter: -- ASK ME ANYTHING!

Wanna see my recent video on youtube? Watch it!

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The Vampire Diaries Episode Guide
The Vampire Diaries: Books vs. Series
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please view my youtube! Means a lot to me once you do! and if you do, please make a comment from where you found me :)
- Sarah
Horny for Ian Somerhalder???????? I am..

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