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Member since: May 22 2010, 11:35 AM EDT
Slogan: He may taste good..But i taste so much better!
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 - The Vampire DiariesDevin Salvatore
Home town:
Mystic Falls,Virginia
Current location:
Dark Haven,Nowhere
Undecided too mant choices
Astrological sign:Capricorn
Vampire Diaries fan since:
Episode 1
Favorite Vampire Diaries book:
The Return:shadow souls
Vampire Diaries character I'm most like: Damon Salvatore
 - The Vampire Diaries
I joined this wiki because:I am in love with the show and its one of the greatest reasons why i live.
The best word to describe me is:
Charming yet devious
Interests:Anything entertaining.
Favorite movie(s):
Dont have one i like too many!
Favorite book(s):The vampire diaries books
Favorite TV show(s): Vampire diaries,Supernatural and Pretty little liars,All the total drama shows,stoked and 6teen.
My hero(es): Damon Salvatore
My superpower is: Starting fires
If I could live anywhere, it would be:
In mystic falls
My dream job(s): Modeling and Acting
What else you should know about me:
I am a free spirit and love to have fun and am looking for love.

 - The Vampire Diaries Leave me a comment below, or send me a private message or compliment!
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