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Slogan: We met, it was epic, but then the sun came up, and reality set in.
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 - The Vampire DiariesCurtis
Stefan Salvatore
Home town: Clayton
Current location: North Carolina
Occupation: High school student
Astrological sign:
Vampire Diaries fan since: The show started.
Favorite Vampire Diaries book: Not sure yet.
Vampire Diaries character I'm most like: Stefan Salvatore
 - The Vampire Diaries
I joined this wiki because: I love the Vampire Diaries.
The best word to describe me is: A loner.
Interests: Writing.
Favorite movie(s): Not sure.
Favorite book(s): The Vampire Diaries
Favorite TV show(s): The Vampire Diaries
My hero(es): Stefan Salvatore
My superpower is: Reading minds.
If I could live anywhere, it would be: California.
My dream job(s): Video game artist.
What else you should know about me:
I like to write a lot and I love to read.

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i think that's real sweet that you like to write & read. cuz some boys aren't that mellow.
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