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Slogan: Ultimate Success Is Mine To Keep
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 - The Vampire DiariesNAME
Don't Let My Tears Fool You
Home town:
In The Heart Of The USA
Current location:
A Secret
Self Employed, Cashier, Photographer
Astrological sign: What's This?
Vampire Diaries fan since:
The Beginning
Favorite Vampire Diaries book: Can't Choose
Vampire Diaries character I'm most like: Elena

I joined this wiki because: I wanted to be part of something extrandordary.
The best words to describe me is: Love Laugh, Live, And Learn
Interests: Movies, Dancing,Music
Favorite movie(s):
Horror,Scary And Musicals
Favorite book(s): All Types
Favorite TV show(s): TVD,HM,GG,90210,WOWP,CSI,SVU,TB,
My hero(s): (was) Jr-He was my He_Man
My superpower is: Intuition tells me when good and bad have arrived. Waking up In the middle of the nite tells me someting or someone has arrived or something is trouble
If I could live anywhere, it would be:
My dream job(s): Actress, Dancing
What else you should know about me:
Im like a four leaf clover, lucky to know

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AngelicSmiles Who is actually Elena Gilbert? 0 Apr 14 2010, 9:17 AM EDT by AngelicSmiles
Thread started: Apr 14 2010, 9:17 AM EDT  Watch
Is Elena Gilbert Katherine's grand daughter or something else? And will we see more of Katherine's past and or present? I'm curious or am I lost?
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